Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


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About NightmareFeed:

Thank you for joining us for the launch of the NightmareFeed.  Hosted by Joe Kernozek and Horror Author Reed Alexander.

A little about how we intend to get under your skin.  Me and Joe are huge horror heads from way back in the days but with interestingly separate and unique tastes in horror.  While I’m better known for my brash, foulmouthed horror review, which celebrates violence and entertainment, Joe is more a fan of the subtle and the imposing.  We very frequently part ways on horror which should make for some interesting debates during our weekly podcast.

Every Monday, we’ll release a horror themed podcast discussing last weeks news, events and developments in horror, then give our astute opinion on these thing.  Throughout the week, we’ll post news, reviews, quizzes, and other viral content such as our meme of the day.  Wanna know what kind of serial killer you’d be?  Take one of our many up and coming horror surveys and find out!

Tune in regularly for updates, as we’ll eventually commit to short videos featuring real local urban legends, urban decay exploration, reaction videos to some of the worst movies horror has to offer, and even live stream events like ‘lets plays’ and conventions!

The Team:

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